"The sprinkler system for the Croquet Court and the East lawn area is SPECTACULAR! It is perfect in every respect and you and your highly professional staff did an outstanding job of installing the system in a neat and efficient manner. Many thanks for such a fine job."
- Strand

"I am always amazed by how you can look at a situation, take the right action and be so humble. Your expertise is incredible. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and working for our community."
- Hicks

"Thank you so much for the professional job you did, and coming over to repair my system so quickly! Thank you also for not trying to sell me the moon as others I got estimates from tried to do. Last but not least, thank you Richard, for following up with me the following Saturday and unexpectedly rescuing me from a flood I created by leaving the hose on and not noticing it. It could have meant disaster to the new carpeting in the room on the other side of that wall. I hope all of you realize how proud you should be of yourselves and your company."
- Susan

"Thanks so much. You are a great business. I really appreciate how you operate & I always recommend you."
- Raven

"I wanted and needed, a complete new sprinkler system for my front and back yard of my home. Phoenix city water co. had been reducing my water pressure or volume of water I was getting over the years to where my existing sprinkler system did not to work correctly. I checked out a lot of sprinkler businesses around town through the yellow pages, big ads and little ads and had received a lot of different estimates. Prices starting from fifteen thousand dollars, all the way up to twenty five thousand dollars, from all these sprinkler businesses located in Arizona. There was only one that gave me an affordable price, under five thousand dollars. The company name was Arizona Irrigation Company. Richard, the owner, came out to my home, did the footage, math and knew just what I needed, so I could have a large and beautiful green yard again. The workers doing the work, would show up on time everyday. They were polite when talking to them, neat in appearance, fast hard workers, committed in doing the customer the best "Professional" work in town. The yard never looked messy when they were putting in my new sprinkler system. You will really like their work, price, so you can water your yard after they are done, with all the money you have saved by dealing with an honest caring business. I couldn't be happier with my new sprinkler system you have installed in my yard. My yard is getting water where it's supposed to be and I save watering time and money every month."
- Pruitt